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Air Conditioning Service is a Must-Have in OKC

Oklahoma City is one of many places in the United States where you simply cannot even imagine spending summer without an air conditioner. Heating and air conditioning are indispensable in the extreme temperatures that Oklahoma is used to seeing during summer and winter, and you can bet that every home or business has air conditioning systems running 24-7 during the hottest weeks of the year.

As a specialized service company, we have trained technicians who know the ins and outs of every heating and cooling device on the market. From installation to maintenance and AC repair, we offer the highest quality service and support to make sure your family home or place of business is cool and comfortable.

Let’s talk a little about the various cooling system options available, so you can find the right one for your residential or commercial space. Already have an AC unit? Maybe you will consider changing it after learning more about them, and if you do, remember our teams are expert installers, and no HVAC system is too difficult for us.

Window units

Window AC units sit by a window, half-in and half-out of the building, and they cool one room. Simple and straightforward, they have both positive and less desirable aspects. Are they right for you?.


  • They are quite easy to install: most people can tackle window AC installation as a DIY project and do a good job… provided the window is not too high compared to the ground, in which case you should definitely call an expert.
  • Window AC units are the most affordable in the market.
  • They are quite energy efficient. A window air conditioner uses 500-1440 watts of electricity, which is way less than a central AC.


  • A window AC can only cool one room at a time. If you need more rooms cooled, you would need one box per room, and that adds up quickly.
  • They are not easy on the eyes at all. Window air conditioning boxes make your house look unattractive from the outside, and block the light from coming through the window, making your room darker.
  • They’re usually not enough for a business space, however small.

Central AC

What if you need to cool a lot of rooms and you don’t want an AC installed in every window? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have just one big unit that pumps cool air, and a system of tubes that take it all over your house? Well, you have just described central AC.

The main unit usually lives in the attic or outside the house, and ducts carry the cool air to every room where you need it. Sounds convenient, for sure, but it also has some pros and cons. Let’s take a look at them.


  • There is only one unit to install and service
  • Cools the whole house or place of business, regardless of its size
  • Central air conditioning units use more energy than window boxes, but they also have greater cooling power, and they are more energy-efficient than window units if you need more than 3-4 rooms cooled


  • Significantly more expensive than window units.
  • They require specialized installation, so you will have to invest in that too, adding to up-front costs.
  • Energy consumption starts around 3500 watts, which is a lot more than window units, so they may not be what you need if your space is small or you just need a couple of rooms cooled.

Central AC comes in two flavors: split AC and packaged units. Let us tell you a little more about each of them, so you can make an informed decision when you need to purchase and install one.

Split AC vs Packaged Units

The names say it all, don’t they? Your central AC unit may come in one part or two, by design, and you decide which one is better suited to your needs and lifestyle (or business). Here are some basic facts about both types of Central AC units, for your information and future decision-making.

  • A split system has a part inside your house, which distributes the cold air around the house or office using fans to blow it into all the rooms. The part that sits outside is in charge of removing the heat from inside and dispersing it into the air.
  • A packaged unit does everything from a single place, which is often the attic in residential settings.
  • Split systems are more energy-efficient than packaged units, saving you money over time with lower electricity bills.
  • Packaged units take significantly less space than split AC systems, so if your spaces are tight this becomes something to consider.

Maintenance and repair

You check your car regularly, don’t you? Gas, water, brakes, lights, regular oil changes, and once a year a visit to the mechanic for the bigger things. Your AC is one of the biggest and most expensive appliances in your home or office, and it requires similar care. Regular maintenance and inspection can extend the life of an AC unit by several years, and prevent it from breaking down and requiring expensive repairs.

What kind of maintenance plan do you need? We have two helpful guides, one for commercial HVAC maintenance plans and one for residential HVAC maintenance plans.

A basic AC inspection includes many checks, some of which you can perform yourself, while others are better left to an expert. Here’s a few of them:

  • Clean the condenser coil, so it doesn’t raise pressure and increase your energy bill.
  • Check the refrigerant levels, they affect operating costs directly. Think of it like checking the oil in your car – it prevents major issues.
  • Check controls and safeties. You definitely don’t want those to fail.
  • Inspect relays, contactors, wiring, and electrical… you may want a professional doing this if you’re not very familiar with the equipment.
  • Take temperature and pressure and write it down in a log, to make future inspections easier. If any of these measurements are off, consider it an indication of a potential problem.
  • Lubricate motors and bearings, since friction wears parts out and shortens the life of your unit.
  • Inspect and adjust belts – just like in your car, belts tend to age and crack, and a failing belt leads to more serious damage.
  • Clean or replace the air filter. Dirty filters impede airflow, making your unit work harder to do its job. This spends more energy and shortens the unit’s life.

We hire only the most qualified, expert technicians to install, service, and fix your air conditioner units. Call us for free estimates on whatever your AC needs, be it a check-up or a full overhaul.



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