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Commercial HVAC in OKC – All You Need to Know

Oklahoma City has temperamental weather, and commercial HVAC services are a must for anyone doing business in the city, whether it’s office space, retail facilities or a factory or production setting. From installation to maintenance and even emergency repairs, we have the skills, the tools, the team, and the experience to make sure you’re cool when it’s hot and toasty when it’s cold outside.

We can help you choose your new HVAC unit while considering cost, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. We can also service and evaluate your existing system, and help you navigate the complicated process of removing an old unit and replacing it when the time comes.

Don’t forget about indoor air quality – neither staff nor customers want to be inside a stuffy environment that will give them allergies. Regular cleaning of the air ducts, along with proper filtering and purifying of the air will make your commercial building a joy to be in, increasing productivity and sales.

Commercial Air Conditioning

Whenever possible, you should opt for rooftop units, which save you a lot of space and are easy to install and service, not to mention highly energy efficient. We have installed rooftop HVAC units in countless construction projects all over Oklahoma City, and we can help you save money and time from the very start of your project.

If you are looking to replace an already existing unit, give us a call – we have experience in the removal and replacement of HVAC units, and will be happy to advise you and help you through the process. Ideally, this will be a planned out process, but if you need an emergency replacement because your unit broke in the middle of winter and your staff is freezing, we can definitely provide expert support to get you out of a tight spot.

Commercial Heating

There are many options for heating your commercial space: you can choose a traditional furnace or go for the super-efficient and eco-friendly geothermal heating. Your choice will depend on many factors: your construction or remodeling budget, your usage in relation to you utilities bills, your building and area regulations, how important environmental aspects are to you, and more.

We can advise you from the very start, helping you consider all aspects of gas, electrical, and oil furnaces versus the geothermal options, so you can find a balance that suits your current budget and keeps your future bills under control too.

HVAC installation

Commercial heating and cooling systems are one of the most expensive parts of building and/or outfitting a commercial space, and the energy demands of heating and air conditioning will always be a major component of your monthly utility bills. Investing a little more upfront when purchasing commercial HVAC systems will pay off in energy savings and lower bills in the long run.

Installing a furnace is a delicate job, and the consequences of a poor installation can be very serious, especially if you consider that fire and flammable materials are involved. Just like electrical installations, this is not something you want to attempt to do by yourself or leave to someone with no credentials. Let us help you install, fix, or upgrade your heating systems so you can remain warm safely, and hopefully also reduce your utilities bills in the process.


We’ll never tire of the old saying: “a stitch in time saves nine”, and HVAC systems are the perfect example. A full HVAC inspection can cost as little as $200, and during this inspection small adjustments, replacements and repairs are made to keep your equipment running smoothly.

If left unattended, HVAC units will deteriorate quickly due to clogged filters, build-up and many other small things that tend to go wrong in such a complex system. In the short run this leads to a less efficient HVAC system, so you spend more energy (and therefore money) to get the same results. In the longer run, lack of maintenance will result in parts of the equipment breaking down, leaving you with expensive repairs or even with the need to replace an entire unit.

Good maintenance for your HVAC is as important as good maintenance for your car, also because of the safety issues involved. Just like you check your water, oil, and brakes before leaving the house, you should be giving your HVAC systems a thorough, professional inspection, cleaning, and tune-up at least once a year.


Finally, let’s not forget the ductwork that carries cool and hot air throughout your commercial space year-round. While the HVAC unit is the most visible and expensive part of the system, the ducts are vital to make it all work, distributing air and regulating the temperature in your spaces. Dirty or damaged ducts will result in increased energy bills, uneven temperatures and unhappy customers and employees.



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